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McPhee Pontiac  
636 Portland St
(902) 434-4100

Nova Scotia (NS)

Description: Description: MacPhee Pontiac - Buick - GMC - Cadillac Ltd in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada offering new and used Pontiac, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, cars and trucks, including Financing, Service and Parts, and Collision departments


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User Comments:

Submitted by Shaun Brownell on June 5, 2013

Took my car in last year to have the warning light for the brakes was on. Was told the brakes checked out fine, that the problem was a sensor in the master brake cylinder. This was not a problem and everything is ok. No need to go throughout the expense of changing the master cylinder. Took the car back the following year for the MVI and now it is required to be repaired to pass the MVI. Should have been fixed last year had it been a safely issue. Further more, I took the car to a real mechanic for said the problem is a stuck value, and no need to replace the master brake cylinder. MacPhee has seen my car for the last time, nor would I buy a vehicle for a business which is so incompetent

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