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AAA Affiliated Auto Wrecking  
Hwy 12 N
(306) 242-1414

Saskatchewan (SK)

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near Saskatoon SK here

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User Comments:

Submitted by L. Rishel on May 23, 2008

Be warned, they will not refund your money even when they provide you with parts that don't work. I learned the hard way.

Submitted on June 11, 2010

I went to get a new inside door handle for my truck and had to take my baby daughter with me. They said they could not let me in the yard with her and so they could not help me. Removing the handle consists of removing one small bolt and takes about 20 seconds and they wouldn't grab it for me or let me in. Their slogan "a business built on service." could not be more wrong. They obviously don't care to help anyone out.

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