Gas Prices Around The World

With gas prices constantly rising province of Ontario has finally surpassed $1.00 per litre this weekend. Places like Thunder Bay averaging $1.10 per litre, Toronto at around $1.05 per litre might not bad that bad if you compare it with the rest of the world (see chart below). Note that United Kingdom has already been averaging $1.50/L for quite some time now (same for Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Netherlands already at $1.70/L).

So where (or when) will this end? Analysts say that it is supposed to "level off" or even drop by the end of the summer (highly unlikable). With our Government getting their 39 % of the gas pie why would anyone even think of slowing down the gas price hike. Bottom line is that the more we pay - more cash flows to our government.

And for those who drive for a living, higher gas prices mean less income for them and their families. Taxi drivers and truck drivers will have to pay a lot more to keep their vehicles rolling.

What can we do for the time being? Rethink our daily driving, lower usage of our cars and start thinking of using public transportation. Small 4 cylinder cars and hybrids are getting way more popular than big, gas juggling SUVs (I would not like to be filling up an 80 litre tank at this moment).

Our predictions are that prices will eventually level off, probably by next year with prices at around $1.30 - $1.40 per litre. So let's all enjoy these "high prices" while they're at $1.00 per litre, it just doesn't look like we will be going back to paying .60 - .70 cents per litre any time soon (if ever), or we could all move to Venezuela (currently at .03 cents per litre).

Gas prices from around the world
Prices are in Canadian Dollars per 1 litre
Andorra $1.97 Malaysia $0.83
Angola $0.87 Mexico $0.90
Bahrain $0.28 Monte Carlo $2.21
Belgium $2.20 Netherlands $2.25
Brazil $0.83 Nicaragua $0.69
Brunei $0.52 Nigeria $0.10
Bulgaria $0.93 Norway $2.49
Croatia $1.27 Oman $0.42
Cuba $0.80 Panama $0.58
Czech Republic $2.05 Portugal $2.01
Denmark $2.26 Puerto Rico $0.46
Egypt $0.64 Qatar $0.26
Ecuador $0.71 Romania $1.08
Eritrea $2.59 Russia $0.89
Estonia $0.96 Saudi Arabia $0.22
France $1.47 South Africa $0.69
Germany $1.47 Spain $1.87
Greece $2.28 Sudan $0.83
Hungary $2.17 Sweden $2.20
Iran $0.14 Switzerland $2.46
Ireland $2.24 Taiwan $0.75
Italy $2.32 Turkey $2.59
Japan $2.36 United Kingdom $2.24
Kuwait $0.31 Venezuela - still at $0.03
Lebanon $0.70 Yemen - $0.46
Luxembourg $1.87  
*Last updated Mar, 2013


Poland Gas price
(recorded in May 2008) $4.59 Polish Zloty = $2.10 litre CDN

Czech Republic gas price
Czech Republic (recorded in May 2008) $33.30 Czech Koruna = $2.05 litre CDN

Canada's highest gas price of 2008
Canada's highest gas price of the 2008 in Ontario (recorded on June 07, 2008) $1.358 litre CDN

Lima, Peru
Lima Peru
(recorded in Jan. 2008) $10.65 Peruvian Sol = $3.64/gallon CDN

London England
London England
(recorded in Aug. 2008) $1.13 British Pounds = $2.19 litre CDN

Cuba Varadero
Cuba Varadero
(recorded in Aug. 2010)
$1.10 litre USD

Vermont USA
Vermont USA
(recorded in Oct. 2009)
$2.59 USD /gallon

New Hampshire
New Hampshire USA
(recorded in Oct. 2009)
$2.54 USD /gallon

Reykjavik, Iceland
(recorded in Nov. 2010)
$200.8 Iceland Krona / $1.88 CDN per litre

Erie, PA
Erie, PA USA
(recorded March 2011)
$3.55 USD /gallon

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(recorded Aug. 2009)
$1.074 CDN per litre

Vermont, USA
(recorded Aug. 2009)
$2.59 USD /gallon

Natchez, MS USA
Natchez, MS USA
(recorded August 2011)
$3.59 USD /gallon

New Orleans, LA USA
New Orleans, LA USA
(recorded August 2011)
$3.49 USD /gallon

Arenal, Costa Rica

Arenal, Costa Rica gas price
Arenal, Costa Rica
(recorded August 2012) - 697 Costa Rica Colon
$1.38 CDN per litre


If you have a photo of a gas station in your country
please upload it here.


  Cdnauto (8/30/2005 3:48:50 PM)
  Prices have increased yet again overnight on Aug. 30, 2005 making new record high averaging $1.20 per litre in Ontario.
  Cdnauto (10/10/2005 2:29:04 PM)
  Prices are averaging anywhere between .95 cents to $1 per litre. Will they stay like this?
  pubby (5/21/2008 8:12:26 PM)
  Why are Canadians paying the same price for gas as countries that have NO oil and a lot more than countries like Venezuela that has far LESS oil than we have. It is time for the government to put a cap on gas prices, when gas hits a set price ALL OIL EXPORTS STOP until the price falls again If the price does not fall then we never export since it is obvious that we only have enough oil for domestic consumption.
  J@gged (5/23/2008 1:10:17 AM)
  Yes why do Canadians pay like other countries that have NO oil??? Can someone plz tell us why?
  aansari (5/29/2008 7:28:45 PM)
  "Chinese drivers have been largely protected from rising world oil prices because of government price caps. " from
  Art (6/2/2008 12:50:55 PM)
  How come a "poor' country like Venzuela is only paying $.11 a gallon??? Why a "rich" country like the US is paying $4.30 per gallon? It doesn't make sense...
  Gromit (6/3/2008 10:25:33 PM)
  What is the price in India and China?
  Clint (6/8/2008 11:15:41 PM)
  Because Venezuela is the worlds 2nd largest producer of oil
  Gary (6/9/2008 12:45:17 PM)
  I think some countries protect their people and not the oil traders pocket books.
  mitch (6/9/2008 7:15:57 PM)
  its probably because Venezuela produces four times what they use. As far as Canada producing far more oil Canada produces about 300,000 bpd more and uses 1.7 million bpd more than Venezuela. Finally China pays twice as much as the U.S. and Canada.
  Ganther (6/12/2008 1:30:35 PM)
  Art, it's simple, Venezuela (not that poor of a country) has lots of oil instead of taxing the Citizens they subsidize the gas prices which lowers how much they pay at the pump. Where as the US and Canada tax the fuel we buy causing it to go up higher than the so called poor countries or countries with out oil (US being one with very little oil now). It would not be so bad if it was a fixed rate per gallon or liter but it is a percentage (Greedy Governments), which means when the gas prices go up so does the amount of taxes you pay at the pump. Eq $1/gallon at a 30% tax you pay $1.30 per gallon if price goes up to $2/gallon you would pay $
  Islander (6/15/2008 11:46:04 AM)
  It is not fair to compare prices in Europe with those in North America. In Europe they have efficient and frequent local and inter-city transit. In North America a car is Not a luxury it is a necessity.
  theArt (6/16/2008 11:07:29 AM)
  To add price for 1 liter of regular gas in Mexico is $0.65c
  marilyn michelle (6/23/2008 8:32:45 AM)
  If we all would stand together, mark a day where no one bought gas , it just may show we�re fed up, no more over priced gas lets me stop the greed that's all it is , greed I shell out 140.00 a week in gas to get to and from work, we need to come together as a nation and shoe the government were fed the hell up with high gas prices.
  jrc (9/17/2008 8:30:21 PM)
  America is not rich debt bad too
  Bruce M (9/28/2008 9:41:40 PM)
  Governments want our tax dollars and use the excuse that they are trying to cut down on gas consumption to reduce pollution, sure but how about those other countries who don't care (Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, etc) are they cutting back? No way. So who do YOU believe?
  doug (10/4/2008 12:42:34 PM)
  Canada produces 3.31 million barrels a day and uses 2.29 million barrels a day. Venezuela produces 2.398 million barrels a day and uses 599,000 barrels a day. Simple supply and demand, that�s why gas in Venezuela is 3 cents a liter and gas in Canada at 1.27 a liter.
  Doug W (10/20/2008 7:28:44 PM)
  Oil companies say its the governments high taxes...government blames the oil regimes for high profit margins. Makes NO difference...they�re in bed together and we (consumer) are the dog at the foot of the bed
  jd (12/9/2008 10:55:21 PM)
  gas is 68.9 cents i Edmonton Alberta today... i am not complaining... thanks US economy
  Ken (2/3/2010 12:03:44 PM)
  Suggestions like not buying gas on one particular day make no sense. Everyone will just have to fill up the day before or the day after. It will just give the big oil a day to send everyone home without pay... Instead just pick a company and never buy from them unless they lobby government to reduce taxes or set caps or regulations like reducing oil exports. If one company doesn't do it then add a second until someone listens... My two cents worth
  duane lockyer (5/2/2010 12:26:37 PM)
  why in the name of god are we paying so much for gas when the canadian dollar is better than the us.the last time it hit a dollar,our fuel was about 79 cents a litre.
  Rico (1/20/2011 5:55:04 AM)
  Why are we in Canada paying world prices for our own oil? I've yet to see a tanker unloading from overseas markets. Time to give our notice and pull out of the political agreements made in the past.
  Tim (2/12/2011 4:37:36 PM)
  i feel it is unfair the usa pays more then we do in alberta when we ship it to them
  Carrie (8/13/2011 8:08:24 AM)
  Something that a lot of people are wondering is: if the price per barrel of oil is going down, why the heck are gas prices still going up?

Petro-Canada gas station - gas prices hit record highs in Ontario
Petro Canada gas station
Toronto, Ontario
Aug. 15, 2005


Sunoco gas station - gas prices rise yet another .20 cents per litre over night!
Sunoco Gas Station
Toronto, Ontario
September 2, 2005



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