Gas tax rates per province

We all may be complaining about how expensive gas is these days, but this may all vary depending on where you fill up. Canadian government takes 10 per cent and rest depends on which province you live in.

Last year (2015) taxes in Canada represented on average 38.5 cents per litre.

Not all provinces charge same tax rates. There are federal, gst/hst, provincial sales and provincial fuel taxes you pay already included in your price of gas.

Here is a break down on all provinces and how they compare.

Provincial Fuel Tax
amount (Cents/litre
Alberta 13
British Columbia 14.5
Manitoba 14
New Brunswick 15.5
Newfoundland 16.5
Nova Scotia 15.5
North West Territories NWT 10.7
Ontario 14.7
Prince Edward Island 13.1
Quebec 19.2
Saskatchewan 15
Yukon 6.2

Provincial GST/HST
Alberta 5%
British Columbia 5%
Manitoba 5%
New Brunswick 15%
Newfoundland 15%
Nova Scotia 5%
North West Territories NWT 5%
Ontario 13%
Prince Edward Island 15%
Quebec 5%
Saskatchewan 5%
Yukon 5%

Sample price comparison based on:

- 60 L tank
- Base price of 70.7 cents/litre

Including taxes (Federal Excise Tax, GST/HST and Provincial Fuel Tax) and without tax.

Without Tax
With Tax
Alberta $42.42 $97.74
British Columbia $42.42 $99.24
Manitoba $42.42 $98.74
New Brunswick $42.42 $108.31
Newfoundland $42.42 $109.31
Nova Scotia $42.42 $108.31
North West Territories NWT $42.42 $95.44
Ontario $42.42 $105.89
Prince Edward Island $42.42 $105.91
Quebec $42.42 $103.94
Saskatchewan $42.42 $99.74
Yukon $42.42 $90.94

* Figures gathered from various sources, for more up to date data please contact your local government.

If you live in Quebec, for every litre of gas you buy 19.2 cents goes towards government

Newfoundland came in 2nd place with 16.5 cents per litre

3rd runner up is Nova Scotia with 15.5 cents per litre of gas tax



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