407 ETR vs Interstate I-90 pricing comparison.

407 ETR was brought to the province of Ontario with a thought of easing traffic on already over congested highways. Great idea to build a toll highway and it would definitely work if pricing was lower. Today we compared some of pricing of highway 407 vs our friends south of the border famous interstate I-90 and Florida's Turnpike Enterprise.

Below is a comparison chart for charges you can expect while traveling on 407 and charges you'd be paying on i-90 Interstate. If you wish you can try and calculate yourself, 407 calculator can be found here I-90 calculator can be found here and Florida's Turnpike Enterprise calculator can be found here.


*407 ETR
Dundas Street
Highway 7 (Brok Rd)
101.2 km
New York City Line - Major Deegan Expressway (I-87)
Exit 18 - (I-87) - New Paltz - Poughkeepsie - NY Route 299
76.0 miles
(122 km)
***Florida Turnpike Enterprise M193 - Yeehaw Junction (SR 60) M116 - Jupiter (Indiantown Rd.)
77.2 miles
(124 km)
On Average Ontario pays more
next example (short distance)
*407 ETR
York Durham Line
Markham Bypass
2.9 km
Exit 22 - (I-87) - Selkirk - NY Routes 144 & 396
Exit 23 - (I-87) - Albany (Downtown) - Troy - Rensselaer - I-787 - US Route 9W
7 miles
(shortest distance we could find)
***Florida Turnpike Enterprise M58 - Ft. Lauderdale (Sunrise Blvd.) M62 - Ft. Lauderdale N. (Commercial Blvd.)
3.9 miles
(shortest distance we could find)
On Average Ontario pays more


*Additional charges may apply, transponder not required for light weight vehicles, $2.75 account fee each and every month
(or you may just refer to it as a membership Fee!)
***No additional charges, pay cash at the toll, no monthly membership fees, sorry.
Charges based on light vehicle (5,000kg & under)
Pricing comparison was made on Oct. 7, 2011

Today we recommend taking I-90 next time driving through NY State - it is not expensive at all !!!.
For travelers from United States or other provinces we recommend taking alternative routes: 403, QEW, 401, 410, DVP
or any other highway that is still free and affordable in the province of Ontario.

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10/12/2011 17:24:36 Robert D. My uncle travelled to Ontario this summer from Ohio, not even realizing that 407 was a paid highway he went back home, few weeks later he received a bill for approx. $20. He called asking what this is about, I explained, he laughed at the amount. So, for the out of province travellers (and USA), you will be required to pay for using 407


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