Street racing tragedies end too many innocent lives on our roads.

Street racing is not a game and it is a dangerous, reckless activity putting too many innocent people at risk. Motivated by car racing games such as Need for Speed , Grand Theft Auto and many more. Movies also have a big impact on these kids, Fast and Furious for example with the latest Tokyo Drift creation. Who are people that enter these illegal street racings? Most of them are in their late teens and early twenties.

Customizing these cars can be expensive and often exceeds actual value of the vehicle. Too many times now racers loose control of their cars crashing into other vehicles often hurting innocent people. Many of these cars are seized by police and in some cases get destroyed. Drivers caught taking part in illegal street racing face numerous convictions resolving in criminal charges and loss of license for those convicted.

In May 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he will introduce legislation to crack down on street racing (this will be updated once put in place).

There are many legal racing clubs you can join and race on tracks and not on our roads. For list of drag racing in Canada please visit Drag Race Canada and for motorcycle racing visit Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association, in Alberta visit MHDRA (Medicine Hat Drag Race Association), for snowmobile drag racing in Ontario visit COSDRA (Central Ontario Snowmobile Drag Racing Association), in British Columbia visit MRP (Mission Raceway Park).

Do the right thing and race on the track not on our streets.

Your Comments:

4/13/2007 14:23:45 Toronto Ontario is proposing a new law raising fines for drunk driving and street racing. Maximum penalty right now is at $1000, this is to be raised to $10,000. I think this is a great idea, they should raise the fine to something like $50,000. There is no excuse for this! Either drunk driving or street racing is stupid and should not be tolerated.
11/1/2007 6:14:26 Bill Sampson Show us the statistics for racing-related fatalities / aggressive driving. While street racing is foolish, the incidents are trivial in the total picture. If you want to save lives go after seat belt usage. 35% of fatalities in Canada were not wearing seat belts. Stats Canada.
3/5/2008 13:51:38 Ottawa A few years ago a Montreal Car Club in conjunction with a Speed Shop put on a day at a racetrack (St-Eustache) for people to blow steam of, hopefully reducing issues on the road. Well believe it or not the QPP parked themselves less than a km from the track and fined and/or towed a whole lot of cars. You can’t win. Tickets and fines are a money grabbing opportunity and their success rate is great.
10/6/2009 9:42:11 Frank Ontario's Anti-Street Racing Law sounds great initially but it is extremely ill-conceived. Criticizing it is like criticizing motherhood but it has many serious flaws. The SVAO has Discussion Points well worth reading. It would be nice if governments introduced laws that were effective instead of vote-worthy.
12/4/2009 2:33:26 Dirk Increase the fines for using stolen parts on vehicles. Increase the fines for drunk driving. Increase the fines for street racing. Don't fine people for being at the scene. Fining people won't make it stop though. Impounding vehicles, and making area's where people can take part in similar activities will end it. If you build a complex with safety barriers, laws enforced on seen about alcohol and drugs, and monitors and rules you can have a regulated, and much safer location for this kind of activities. Yes it will promote more people to participate but the number of fatalities, serious injuries, stolen parts, and law breaking will decrease.

Street Racing result
Many street races result in
fatal car crashes like this.
Read bottom of this page
for listing of legal race tracks.



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