HOV lanes in GTA

In another step to ease traffic jams and cut travel times the province of Ontario announced today new designated carpool lanes (HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle lanes) will be operational by Dec. 13 2005 in the GTA. The lanes will be on highways 403 and 404. The province is also considering introducing HOV lanes on other 400-series highways in Ontario.

Carpool lanes will operate on Highway 403 between Highway 407 and Highway 401 in Mississauga in both directions. Also, on on Highway 404 from Beaver Creek in York to Highway 401 in Toronto.

HOV lanes rules: The lanes are to be used by vehicles carrying at least one or more passengers.

Who can use carpool lanes: The lanes will be allowed to be used by cars, small commercial trucks, taxis with passengers, minivans, motorcycles, buses and emergency vehicles. Children are considered passengers in this case, regardless of their age or where they sit. You will also not be allowed to weave in and out of these lanes and you must stay in the lane until you reach your destination.

Who can not use carpool lanes: motorcycles without a passenger, cars with only the driver, large commercial trucks and taxis without a passenger.

Those who ignore the new rules could face fines from $60 to $500 and lose 3 demerit points.

Your Comments:

1/15/2006 19:30:15 Joe, Toronto When and where can one enter or exit the HOV traffic lanes ie cross the double line. I've seen nothing about this. What are the rules?
1/15/2006 19:55:34 answer The lines are clearly marked with double white solid line, places where you can exit are also clearly marked.
1/26/2006 17:20:54 Daniela Just wondering. I am in the funeral industry and was wondering if a deceased passenger counts as a passenger to use the HOV lanes?
1/26/2006 19:31:07 answer No tricks will be allowed, such as mannequins, inflatable dolls etc. I would contact the ministry of transportation and you might get an exception in this case.
3/29/2006 19:31:19 Question What is the speed limit in HOV lanes?
3/29/2006 11:21:31 Answer Whatever the speed limit is on the given part of the highway. Rules apply to these lanes in the same way as for the remaining lanes of the highway. HOV lanes are not "No speed limit" lanes.
6/28/2012 14:55:41 daniel sudek if I am using propane in my vehicle can I use the nov lanes??????
6/28/2012 14:59:57 Answer Some underground parking lots we not allow you to enter with a propane powered vehicle, we do not have any info on HOV lanes being affected


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