Check Engine light

So, you have your check engine light come on. You panic. What is wrong with my car? Obviously first thing you try to do is find a way to reset check engine light. Although there are many ways of resetting "the alarm" you should really find out what the reason is for the light to come on in the first place.

It is fairly easy to hook up your car to OBD reader and read what the error is and why your "check the engine" light comes on. I have heard of people doing numerous things to make this warning light go away. Few examples include disconnecting your battery, taking out the ECM fuses etc. Also, there are combinations where you press the brake 10 times, turn off the ignition, press the brake 10 more times and your light goes away (well, it gets reset). However, the only thing you accomplish by doing this is resetting the alarm and not the source of your problem.

Whatever triggers your light to come on, whatever the reason is it will come back. You won't fix your car by resetting check the engine light. You only postpone the problem.

Have a professional mechanic look at your car and determine what the problem is or buy yourself an OBD reader (Canadian Tire would be a good place to start looking). This could be something simple to fix now and prolonging it will only make it more expensive later.


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