Car Insurance Cost in Canada - Breakdown by province

You think you are paying high car insurance premium? See how your province compares to other provinces.

We start from cheapest province Quebec with average


Number 13: Quebec

Average premium: $725

Number 12: Prince Edward Island
Average premium: $755

Number 11: New Brunswick
Average premium: $763

Number 10: Saskatchewan
Average premium: $775

Number 9: Nova Scotia
Average premium: $783

Number 8: Yukon
Average premium: $806

Number 7: Nunavut
Average premium: $968

Number 6: Northwest Territories
Average premium: $974

Number 5: Manitoba
Average premium: $1,001

Number 4: Newfoundland and Labrador
Average premium: $1,090

Number 3: Alberta
Average premium: $1,179

Number 2: British Columbia
Average premium: $1,316

Number 1: Ontario
Average premium: $1,458

That is correct - Ontario drivers are paying the country’s highest car insurance premiums, according to this report.

This review was prepared by Ontario’s auto insurance adviser David Marshall. It finds that even though accident claims have dropped, insurance cost has consistently gone up. Like that makes sense.

Tell us what you think, are your insurance rates fare? Comment below.


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