Car Insurance in Canada

Before choosing a car insurance company do some research. To get the cheapest possible rate make sure you call few companies before you decide which insurance company you will join. Make a list of all questions you might have before you call and be ready to answer questions you will be asked. A lot of car insurance companies will try and sell you additional products, which you might not need, make sure you fully understand what these optional features are. If not sure ASK, remember, it's your job to ask questions and their job to answer them.

If you are asked a question and you are not sure if you have to answer it ASK. Be sure to visit companies listed below and compare quotes, car insurance can be expensive and you'll be surprised with results and different prices these companies will offer.

Here are examples of questions that you might be asked when getting your online quote:

  • your name and full address
  • how long at the residence
  • number of claims in last 3 years (or even last 10 years)
  • number of accidents in last 3 years (at fault or not)
  • number of convictions (speeding or any other traffic violations)
  • does the driver have 5 or more years of driving experience
  • has the driver been found by a court to have committed automobile insurance fraud
  • Will the car be rented or leased to others, or used to carry passengers or goods for compensation or hire, or haul a trailer, or carry explosives or radioactive material
  • have you been refused to insure or your policy been cancelled in the last 3 years
  • has your driver's licence been suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years
  • What make is your car, year, model, approximate value and mileage
  • your current driver's license class
  • your occupational status
  • your employment status

Another interesting thing here is that most (or some) insurance companies will raise your insurance costs each year. These increases may be small but may add up if you stick with one company for many years. So if you've been insured with same company for 5 or more years shop around - you may be surprised with savings some companies offer to their "new" clients. We also recommend you visit Insurance Hotline as they seem to be doing a good job finding you low rates.

Another few tips on how you can save on car insurance:

  • Drivers training. Most insurance companies will offer discount if you prove that you have taken accredited driver training course.
  • After receiving an initial quote, ask: what can you do lower to my rate? Ask for a discount. Worst can happen the insurance company will say there is nothing else they can do for you. At least at that point you'll know that's the best rate they can offer.
  • Your deductible. Ah yes, rumours you heard about increasing or lowering your deductible are true. Ask your broker what the difference raising your deductible can make. You may be surprised with savings. Make sure you also ask them explain to you what raising your deductible means in case of making a claim.
  • Shop around. Yes, spend some time and do your research.
  • Keep a good driving record, in the end this will save you the most on your insurance.

Below is a listing of car insurance companies in Canada. Click the company's name to go directly to insurer's website.

Company Online Quote Phone Number

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Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland




Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland
Desjardins Insurance Agents


Different locations


Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario
BCAA Insurance

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British Columbia
Atto & Associates








Ontario, Quebec
RBC Insurance




All Provinces

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(418) 683-2711


Td Canada Trust




All Provinces




All Provinces
PC Financial Insurance





*Calculations are based on 1 driver per household, no recent claims
licensed for 15 years in province of Ontario with perfect driving record.
**Every 1 point = $1000 per year (example: score of 1.88 equals to $1,800 per year

Today we recommend our highest score winner: PC Financial Insurance

Your Comments:

6/9/2011 15:22:44 Jon Katya, have you tried to get a quote? Are you being declined insurance? I think the question is who will insure you for less $.
6/11/2011 23:24:52 Ashley Hey, I'm 17 and i just got my licence, My parents aren't putting me onto their insurance plan with them, so i have to be the primary driver. I'm getting a car around 1993s-1999s. And i want to know which insurance company to check out, and how much would it cost. Also i took driving lesson/school so that takes of a bit of insurance right?
6/13/2011 15:56:11 umair Don't get too excited people, I am pretty sure Leng meant $517/month. I bet you it's a typo:). They don't even give you $1000/year even you have 10 years experience....noone can help us. We are stuck with this stupid and dumb insurance network in canada.
6/13/2011 16:00:10 umair ashley i was in the same situation as you but i was just older than you ...i was 22, so yeah i would say Belair would be the best bet for you, but do shop around fill an online quote on kanetix, desjardins and try pc financial insurance too and if nothing's cheaper then stop driving and cry for the freedom.
6/17/2011 11:31:14 gary lot of good insurance companies won't insure you if you have accident in past 6 years.Bellair for two cars with one accident:850, TD:875,Desjarins:750,Statefarm:900/month. Only RBC is cheaper for me. i.e. 516/month. Rbc has very good coverage plans. Johnsons,Allstate,Intact won't give you better deals if you accident or ticket.These insurance companies invest in stocks or may be Greek bonds, thats why they are saying that they are loosing money. otherwise i dont understand where is our money going into, there risks or their dumb advisors.
6/22/2011 8:25:14 Rob-- Im 33 y/o married guy in north Toronto, just got my g2 on monday, called td for a quote.....850$$ a drive a 500$$ car. Im just blown away!! I pay $1300 a month on rent, 500$$ a month bills and food....I make $2400 a month clear I have a wife and son to look are Canadians supposed to plan for a future?? 800$$ a month for insurance....Im moving away from the Communist mini state of Ontario
6/22/2011 11:34:16 Claire Rob, I feel your pain. No wonder so many people drive without insurance. Look at it this way, you pull it off for a year that's $8000 in your pocket. Good luck to you Rob.
6/24/2011 7:37:16 Mary ...Insurance Broker Hello All; I am an insurance broker in Ontario, and i work for 20 different companies.
If you are an experienced driver, with good record, and still paying too much, call me I am able to help you for sure. Even with 2 - 3 tickets I can find you a good rate.
If your insurance company increased your rate , I can help.
There are a lot of other insurance companies that are giving you affordable rates, if you are a good driver. I also work with high risk drivers. I suggest brand new drivers to call RBC and TD, But experienced drivers please stay away from Direct Writters. They are increasing their rate rapidly. Stay away from state farm. They had too much loss last year, So all the rate has gone up. Here is my contact info: 416-836-7131 Mary Nem
6/29/2011 7:30:48 John Every one of us should make accountable the provincial Govt for the unaffordable and cruel insurance rates in Ontario.In the comming election we can togather raise the matter in front of the election candidates and promise vote to the party/candidates who insure low insurance rate.Let us see the power of vote and that of the money of the insurace companies spent in the election compaign.I am assuring you that vote will win.We can suggest to the govt to have one Govt. Insurance company to control the insurance rates in the province.
7/2/2011 15:34:49 Mikael John I think you have a great idea, we'll see what happens come next election. Facebook is a good place to start this and I think you are the person who can make a difference. Good luck you've got my back.
7/4/2011 13:15:02 NJ Is there any hope for someone that has had insurance taken away for non payment? I cannot afford to pay a premium up front. Please let me know? Thanks!
7/5/2011 23:26:18 Tobey I'm with you John. I'll join the Club.Start with facebook
7/7/2011 6:00:39 Gabe It's outrageous what these companies are doing. I have perfect record for 10 years since I start driving, nevertheless last year Belair increased my insurance by 40% and today got my renewal with "only" 20% increase. After all I should be happy eh? Could have been 200% increase or 2000%, they have no laws to obey. I bet if Mafia gets into this business, would have more decent rates. I drive a junky car with no value but I can't even think of a new car because of insurance. It's really nothing that can be done? That's really sad.
7/8/2011 16:49:55 ben i started with 280/- , next year 380/- ,,,,,,, right now asking 489/-.i am insured with td . no one here to control these companies..........
7/15/2011 15:16:41 kim jamaica for one cost of living is way cheaper there for a one bedroom full apartment with dining room bigger than Canada sizes is 5000 per month which is 80 Canadian so dont bash peoples countries and insurance there is 300 Canadian a year which is heaven. it doesn't matter what you drive.
7/28/2011 18:38:25 Sabrina I am totally with John on the government. This should soooo be addressed. I have been driving for 36 years and I drive an older van 99 and my insurance goes up with nothing,no tickets etc,,pay in full yearly and they seem to always have an agenda.I pay 912 this year from 828 last year. It may sound cheap but I have been driving for along time. My van is older and my record is one more year clean. My point is if this is me how does anybody expect the younger from 18 to 25 to work or school and so help them if they have a bad few days and get tickets or minor accidents. I just dont understand the laws today on insurance. Sure there are some idiots but they punish everyone. Back in 1974 my yearly insurance was 117.00 No G1 or G2 just a G no young drivers of Canada and no waiting to apply for a licence.
8/2/2011 18:59:58 Sally I like John's idea, let us do something about this. complaining and not doing anything about it won't help us. We need to scream and yell. I am single parent got my G2 Feb/11 called every insurance company in Toronto, the cheapest I got is $660/month. It is killing me! Please let us protest! We can't continue making the rich- richer. The continue higher rates because we keep accepting it.
8/9/2011 21:28:24 Mohammad Owais Is there any broker /agent for Auto Insurance who can contact me for the insurance quote discussion.

My Phone no is 9059153098
8/10/2011 16:56:13 gs300 I have 3 tickets, i need to cheap insurance, my budget $300 monthly, please contact me 647-704-9160.
8/12/2011 7:57:53 Family Man I have two children and a partner thats studying, I have bills coming at you from all directions and you need a car for your work, and at weekends running around, for kids party's shopping etc, fuel prices are going up. Then I need to find extra money for school trips, christmas is just round the corner. And all I can think of is how am I going to make this work, every month car insurance is going up more than my salary. Can we just NAME the GOOD car insurance we NEED one company to take all the money and keep all the prices down the rest will follow.
8/12/2011 22:23:40 Kate I like John's Idea too! Let's do something with this terrible insurance rates!! Do you have a Facebook account? How to find you?
8/13/2011 12:50:23 Milton The People of ONTARIO are to be Blame for all this, they vote for this change to continue, politicians makes the law, they work hand in hand with insurance companies, to get their money one way or the other. We can vote, thats our voice, we should let them know that we are disgust of them, these insurance rates are for themselves; who are making that type of money, and not for us with minimum and averages God help us, or we all leave for Aberta and Quebec.
8/15/2011 14:55:04 ken state farm gave me my new stubs with my statement for sept 2011 to march 2012 and my car rate for my pilicy went from $1081.94 for 6 months to 1332.55 for the next 6 months. I called them and they said that many people are frauding the system and injury clams so they are dumping it on me. *** them they just lost my business... called around and got a quote 1200 for 6 months with a 500 deductible instead of the 1000 deductible I have right now. Bye Bye state farm you lost a 7 year customer.
8/16/2011 3:26:35 Alex Demarro Never trust Desjardins first year they will give you the best deal second year they automatically renew your policy they are up 15-38% and 3rd year you must be stupid to stay with them. And please never ever trust state farms they are bad as well and RBC is only for those who have extra money to spend ridiculous high priced quotes, TD is good unfortunatly I left TD for Desjardins I am applying to them this september I hope they accept me cause when I checked my new estimate quote it was reasonable and I know many people are happy with TD. Alex Demarro.
8/18/2011 20:52:14 pj John is right, we must do something.......
8/20/2011 10:58:11 Bruno If Quebec can have humane insurance rates then so can Ontario. Get after your MPP(s), especially now that an election is looming. They are the ones who are allowing the insurance companies to rob the taxpayers. If you do not act to improve things you will still be whining on message boards, and elsewhere, while the insurance companies continue to smugly pick your pockets.
8/23/2011 9:43:54 kayla I'm a new g2 driver under 22 can someone tell where I can get car insurance for 200 or 250 plz
8/30/2011 11:32:38 True advisor Kayla forget @ driving car....think @ TTC
9/5/2011 20:29:44 Mary I'm 18 year old, university student. I have a part time job but I recently got my G1.. i haven't experienced the "thrills" of driving yet because of all the talk of insurance rates, etc. How much should i even pay for a car?
9/7/2011 3:16:28 mike hi! i am new to Ontario. well been here just over 12months. living out in Mississauga. need to get a car.I am originally from Ireland. got my full Irish licence 8 years ago. I am currently 26. Can i get the full G Licence or do i have to get the g1 then the g 2 first ? any help on which insurance quotes would be a great help . too frightened to hear the cost
9/7/2011 11:00:45 John I think it is imposible to buy a car in this country i am here since 2009 and even i dont have a job. I am going back home. I didn't know about the insurance and I was dreaming maybe one day I can buy a car but it is imposible. I am soo sad.
9/11/2011 11:20:04 Warrior Hey guys, sorry to hear of all ur bad luck, i signed onto Belair direct when i first got my licence and started me off at 167 a mnth for my neon, switched to a 2 door n it dropped and has every year since, now im in yr 6 with them and own a Ford Escape fully loaded and have full coverage and it costs just over 105 a mnth, clean record perhaps is why iv dropped every yr but idk....However now iv bought a 78 ford f50 and unfortunately they don’t insure vehicles 20 yrs or older....Any suggestions on cheapest insurance company that will? Thx Joe.
9/18/2011 14:55:04 ernie're one very lucky guy with the rates you're telling us here. i'm jealous to the bones (lol) except for that 78 ford. anyway, it all comes down to this...
who's the candidate with lowering insurance (and gas!!!) on their agenda? please let me know and my whole family will vote for him/her. asap for election day is just around the corner. =(
9/22/2011 5:57:28 JXrealist Hello and i see a lot of insurance problems here.
Take note that the insurance can increase by the following criteria.
G1 < highest type of insurance
G2 < a bit lower than g1
G < a bit lower than g2 (note that it gets lower once you get a higher grade of license)
Now for the type of car would actually depend on what type of car you’re using, obviously muscle, tuners and exotic type of cars have expensive insurances!!!! Buy economic class cars if you don't want your insurance too be that expensive. Remember that you signed a contract in having an insurance. So pretty much all depends also on the demerits you get from your past driving which would cause to increase the cost of insurance. There are still lots of ways on how your insurance prices could increase. Do not speed and do not get demerits points.
9/25/2011 19:24:41 Steven Honestly, both Liberals & Conservatives are the real crim&@!s when it comes to draining the funds from the people who are struggling and looking for a real descent car insurance rate. But now I see this is becoming a real shame. I bet you the rich get it so easy even if they have a horrible driving record. Leng. I read your and I wanna hear from you about your rate from Quebec. Please e-mail at John you are so right. Election is coming up but the debate is suppose to be sometime this week. Hopefully that someone will bring up the topic about insurance rates.
9/27/2011 19:24:30 Pasha Well...just got my insurance quote for my 2003 lincoln navigator! almost 4800$ how come? I have clean driving record, full G, only couple parking tickets, but I had no insurance under my name before...and im not gonna have one I think! Im honestly can not afford that payment! Thats basically 400 bucks/month. Kind a sad to say but Im getting fake one for 200$ (you can buy it from russians or Chinese)...thats only a paper which you can show police officer if you gonna get pull over. Risk is high, but I have no choice! Welcome to Canada :)
12/30/2011 23:46:07 sab can any body answer my question is i am with statefarm after an car accdent how long the insurance will be high in mississauga
1/5/2012 18:15:26 Coreyn Insurance companys are righting off to many cars saying there unrepairable !!!!
Body shop over quotes a job. Tow truck service over charges And bam !! Right off. Owner get there $10000 for there car, insurance company take the loss and sells it for next To Nothing. !! And they make the loss money back threw well everyone else !!!
1/11/2012 19:58:42 angie. I am looking for Insurance i just got my G2 and rates are crazy.. i did find a company that gave me a good rate.. well better than what I've seen so far.. with bel air they quoted me 288 a month full coverage. i have had no accidents or tickets. is this still to high? can i find cheaper rates?
1/13/2012 1:30:00 Jay What is worse is that the restrictions that are on our novice licenses are considered a major when we break them so bam your rates triple. That is BS. So what the insurance companies are saying is its safer to go 49 km/h over in a school zone where kids jwalk all the time then to break one of the conditions of a novice license but yet a fully licensed driver can not wear there glasses and all a cop will give is a verbal warning which is that not breaking a condition of your license as well?? Now that's BS.
1/13/2012 1:46:29 Jay Also young individuals need there license and money for school in about 2 years after getting there license but yet we have sky high rates so how are we supposed to afford school when our insurance is costing us more then our college tuition does.
1/18/2012 12:38:42 Jenny I would say you Bel air quote is pretty good. I'm in the same boast as you and they quoted me 400 a month. Which is still the cheapest I can find. State Farm quoted me 1300 a month.
1/21/2012 21:48:36 Pedro I have several things to say. It upsets me every time I watch a USA commercial and all I see is "switch and save" and every company lowballing each other. What do they offer in Ontario? Better claims service?
1/21/2012 21:52:09 Pedro The other thing. Ontarians are being discriminated based on where they live. I am lucky I am at a location with lowest insurance rates in Toronto. I'm 22, primary driver with 1 accident, and I was paying $245/mo with Desjardins. I had my renewal coming soon and I got into another accident. I then got my renewal and it actually came down to $218/mo. However if I want to move closer to work, my insurace will go up to $505/mo based ONLY on the new postal code!
1/31/2012 20:55:26 Buddy I have had very bad experience of taking one way insurance's from TD canada Trust....& they increased my insurance premiums without me having any fault or ticket...don't trust them, then I switched to State Farm...they started at 170 per month just so that I could keep driving without spending a single cent on any of the repairs to my car..with a 500$ deductible..then increased it to double after six I switched to Co-operators for a one way insurance & they too increased it to more than 50$ without spending a single cent of what I have given them in premiums...& I have a clean record without any I have wasted my hard earned money just to make these insurance companies richer...& those in Government responsible for it.. to get richer...I sure hope the higher they climb the greater is their fall......
2/4/2012 11:52:34 Bubba ...just moved from BC. Government Insurance was $120/mth. Been driving 20 years with no accidents or claims except windshields. $200/mth in Ontario??? WTF!!! $200 to cancel insurance??? WTF!!
2/7/2012 15:15:57 kush Hello, I got convicted for driving without insurance and speeding 15km over both last year and my insurance company won't renew my premium. I've been shopping around, the cheapest i've got so far is $350/month. I have a full G since 2005. Can anyone tell me where i could get a cheaper premium???
2/9/2012 16:53:00 Norbert kush, what was your fine for driving without insurance? And speeding?
2/13/2012 17:14:28 kush The fine was $5000 and i got speeding ticket for speeding 75km/hr in 60km/hr zone. Thank you.
2/15/2012 19:46:33 BOB I am 19 years of age, looking to getting a car, possibly a Honda civic 2005 or something, G1 getting my full G, any suggestion to the best and cheapest possible quote? My parents told me they were asking around and found my "lowest quote" of 1200$... i can get another friggen car with that!!! I have a clean record and been driving insured under my parents since G1 at 17 of age. Plz Help!!!
2/16/2012 11:36:11 Dr. Bob, did you research on your own? Call around? See if you get lower than 1200?
2/24/2012 15:14:00 Brit Bird I came to Ontario from the UK in 2010 and despite having a clean driving record for the past 20 years am disgusted at the high premium rates that insurance companies charge. it seems there is nothing regulating this and it as become a free for with the ever increasing gas prices, but thats another story!! The ironic thing is I work for a rehab company and assess peoples injuries following accidents. Its heartbreaking to see the unnecessary rigmaroll that people have to go through to access med benefits. Insurance is a one way scam out of our pockets straight into theirs. The Ontario Gov should be ashamed that their citizens are being ripped off and put a stop to it....we ALL need to make a stand but where do we start...perhaps a petition and demonstration against all the so called Fat Cats.
3/14/2012 2:03:54 Andrea Well,I dont know what to say.I was living in Europe,and came back,and had to get my licence again.I am cinsidered a new driver,even thogh I was driving for years.It was expired.So anyhow,as for insurance,I am looking around,as we speak,I think I have found for 400-500 a month.Which is ok,considering,my mom had it under her name,but was so terrified of me driving,she was paying 115$ a month.But I had to change it,cause she wouldnt let me drive my own car!! Now I have to pay double,try Statefarm.
3/21/2012 17:07:55 Thomas Does anyone know anything about walmart insurance? I've seen their site, pricing looks not bad at all.
3/22/2012 2:09:31 Rasheed Statefarm company robs people. Hey government can you help poor people? because they take all our moeny and our kids will be Distroficks In Canada!
3/23/2012 12:22:04 nghtrvn I have been involved in an accident, not at fault, so I know the importance of insurance, but I was only awarded $5000, this is because of no-fault insurance... No fault insurance is a scam because it was implemented to protect drivers from sky rocketing insurance prices...But insurance prices haven't changed that much to reflect... I have been driving full time under a renters lease and I am looking to buy a car and get insurance again, but they still consider me as a new driver... The amount of money they are looking for is outrageous, insane, and an insult, with no convictions, and no cancellations... This is what no fault insurance was supposed to be for, we are being ripped off blatantly and nothing to say to anybody as our government controls this...Something needs to be done…
4/5/2012 11:36:28 Dave For all those thinking of driving without insurance...know this
a) you cannot get your stickers in Ontario anymore without valid insurance, they do a online search for your VIN number and if it does not come up then 'NO' sticker.
b) almost all police cars can now scan your plates and know almost instantly if your plates are up to date and if you have insurance. A 10 grand no insurance ticket = good luck getting insurance in the future. Also 6 months with no insurance, no matter how long you have been driving insured for will get you rated as a new driver with no history! And if I'm hearing correctly insurance under a 'rental' car no longer qualifies as being insured.
4/12/2012 13:59:41 Quinto Stop talking and get in action we are happy to get it without vaseline! In Toronto we are more than 2,000.000 crying BABYS writing on the internet. It's time to do something about.
4/17/2012 21:40:33 barbara need to know where to get cheap insurance... mine was just cancel , payment went back from bank as i was out of the country for 2 months. policy now cancel
4/19/2012 15:38:37 Tessa I am wondering even tho I haven't driven for the full 5 years, if I have jumped from a class 5 to class 1 driver shouldn't I get a better insurance rate cuz now I'm a professional driver?
4/20/2012 17:36:12 Sam Tessa, you're dreaming, good luck to you (and the rest of us!)
5/1/2012 0:33:55 fiddy I have 3 tickets and the cheapest quote i got was $495 per month or these people for real i have bills to pay. I decide to park my car and take the bus.
5/2/2012 22:19:51 Amy Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could let me know if the insurance company can force you to provide other members of the family driver license or insurance policy? I am currently living with my parents but paying for all of my own expenses. With my situation, my parent told me to be responsible for my own transportation by buying my own insurance and car as a primary driver. We drive our own cars only. Can the insurance company do that? Or do I have to move out and live at a different address??
5/3/2012 17:49:31 Jody 268 a month for insurance seems crazy. I'm paying almost as much for my car. No tickets, 45 years old. I have driven a friend's car since mine died. I am wondering why such high rates?
5/15/2012 18:00:44 T.Dooley Does anyone know where I can get a cheap insurance? the lowest I got was 627 and thats a killer,I have a 2000 accord "SE",I currently hold a G2,going for G end of this month,can someone please refer me to a good company?
5/16/2012 23:39:03 scott what do i do if i have 2 cancellations in the past 2 years anyone know what company to go to for cheaper insurance?
5/21/2012 16:02:40 Maya Hi everyone , i have a 1999 volvo S80 and i pay $281/month and now i want to buy a 2010 Nissan and i searched through the net for the same price i can't get it also in the same Insurance company they gave me around $5,450/year and more than this amount , why i can't get the USA car insurance there they pay nothing for the same car ??!!! i hate to say i'm sorry i'm stuck in Ontario , also my friend she's from Burlington, Ontario and she surprised about how much i pay for my old 99 Volvo and her car is much more newer than mine and she pay less , and we still both belongs to ONTARIO , CANADA!!!!
5/24/2012 15:56:14 David I have 3 tickets on my record now and I cant seem to get a good quote on my insurance. I own a 2002 Acura rsx base and had my g for 4 years. I got into an accident due to weather conditions my car was a write off but the insurance did not pay for any repairs on the car. Please I need to be insured and wanted a good rate.
ontario, Canada
6/14/2012 16:28:02 James Sleigh Insurance is a rip off. If your house is paid for, you can cancel the insurance, but by law, your car must be insured. Then why is auto insurance not controlled or governement-run rather than run by greedy private companies? No way round it. We are bn being ripped off Two examples of greed: I have had a perfect driving record since 1959 but recently delicately scraped a parked car's bumper - what a storm in a teacup over a tiny graze! My car is pretty well unmarked and in any case I never had collision insurance, but now my insurance company (Scottish and York) wants to reduce me from a 9-star (perfect record) driver to a 5-star driver and increase my premiums by 30% Another example of greed was the time I cancelled my car insurance because I was leaving the courntry for a couple of months. When I came back, it was a case of a new policy and they DOUBLED my premiums! Unfair. Right now I am shopping round for cheap car insurance.
6/29/2012 16:23:58 Carolyn Have just been car ins. shopping...checked out a ton! of a 9 star driver claims, etc. but my ins. goes up every year..a lot. All companies I have checked so far are all the same seeing COLLUSION on a big scale.
7/5/2012 18:40:22 arash kush,
Which insurance company did u get the qoute for 350/month?
8/10/2012 3:23:38 G. Quintin I'm a Canadian living in Pennsylvania and I'm paying $142.00 per YEAR not month for basic.
8/16/2012 22:33:21 Sai I had been paying 160/month with State Farm before 2007, left the country for 2 years. Back in 2009 started paying $221/month with TD, 2010 increased to $280/month. 2011 increased to $321/month. Switched to RBS $277/month, now RBC increased to $387/month. No accidents driving since 2001 clean record with 2yrs break. ow PC gave me $240/month online quote multiline, ill try that.
9/1/2012 20:39:23 kevin canada is the most currpted country for insurance and gas, there is noone here to answer people, about stupid, insurance rates .
insurance bussiness is like other bussiness, you either some times you lose sometimes you gain.
they cant just increase the rate insurances because someone had an accident.
this government must be working with insurance company somehow in ontario behind the curtin.
we live in canada, why insurace in cheap in Quebec but is very very expensive in Ontario.
is this government people are there to work for people or for insurance co.

sorry all for my weak english ability.
have a great night.
9/13/2012 17:26:23 Lulu09 Instead of everyone complaining here please lets do something concrete about it.I've never seen the kind of apathy most Canadians have towards their thieving government.Let's start a petition on and write to our various MP's and tell them they either get the insurance DOWN or get ready to be kicked out! This is just so unbelievably outrageous;Canadians are such a mindless bunch of pushovers!!
10/4/2012 19:49:52 angel all people are doing complaining and not doing anything about it. I was living in upstate new york and my insurance was 696/year 58/month. it is a disgrace, I just return to back to ontario and i am ready to leave again.
10/13/2012 10:11:11 DOW I had a DUI last year and all insurance companies want me to pay MORE for insurance than I am paying for my car payments, I keep telling them, I will just buy another car and if i smash my first one, i will have a replacement for less than the cost of fucking insurance,, the government has to step in and control these outrageous insurance prices.I have been driving for over 30 years with only 1 offence and it all goes to hell. imagine the cheapest i can find is $245 a month, INSANE NewBrunswick, this province is BS!!
10/14/2012 11:57:14 Andy Dow, you had a DUI and are expecting what? Hope it tought you a lesson.
11/1/2012 12:34:10 Dave "stop complaining and do something/we have to do something about this" NO there is NOTHING TO DO DONE AND NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE. do you people honestly believe this "B.S" will change? if they have the balls to continue "legally" stealing from your pay checks, what makes you think that if you DID do something- that they wont step in to stop you? what makes you think they wont hire someone with YOUR money to assassinate you or put you in some kind of threat just so they can stop you and continue they're money stealing? they have successfully paid off the government ALONE just to fk you over, they have put in COUNTLESS money just to TRICK you into their "affordable" rates. these are things that some people already know, so what makes you think they havent done something that you DONT know?
12/27/2012 14:36:55 Joe Pal My insurance company doubled my rate just for moving from the west side of Toronto to Scarborough. I am a commercial driver for more than 10 years with no ticket or accident. I think we need to get together and start a nonprofit insurance company.
12/28/2012 15:02:42 Vato I've never had an accident or a ticket in 40 years of my driving, and they raised my premium because all I did was moving to the Rouge Hill area. All of the insurance companies in Ontario get the orders to hike insurance premiums from the FSCO (I guess it's a government agency). We're being robbed in broad daylight! I think we should raise our voices to put a stop to this outrage. Why not to start bombarding the FSCO with complaint letters from all over Ontario, and even go out into streets... Let's not be meek and fight back! Let's get things moving.
1/22/2013 15:07:24 Gina Hi all. My problem is...i got my licence 12 years ago.I come to Canada Ontario almost 3 years ago, and i went to do the Ontario licence.I got full G 2011 NOV., and the Insurance company does not accept the record.I have a prove letter from the Hungarian Embassy, but they don't care.We pay a lot of money.So if you know somebody that company who is expect the record let me know.Thank you.
9/3/2013 22:20:33 Bill Had my current insurance company fail to renew due to a DUI. I need to find a company that will insure with that conviction and the 9 month suspension that went along with it, BUT also the car I am driving is over 20 years old which alot of companies do not insure. I do not have any claims, accidents, or other tickets, EVER in 11 years of driving. Best quote so far is 540 per month. With a newer car I am getting online and telephone quotes of 270 per month. So I need to find a company that will insure with a major conviction and a car over 20 years old. Any help?
9/12/2013 13:05:37 Joel Leger I'm with John lets do something about it I'm sure that their are a lot of people that are that doesn't like their rates.
9/18/2013 1:14:51 mustafa stop talking time to act now let fight for our rights whats happening is killing us bill and bills and bill i could nt buy a car cuz of the insurance lets stand all one time and demonstrate...the gov. Must stop this shit


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