2012 Ford Focus Electric

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Car Type
0 Emission
Motor Type
Ford Focus Electric
100 kW (130 hp) synchronous motor
23 kwh high-voltage, lightweight lithium-ion battery


In late 2011 Ford will release it's 2012 Ford Focus Electric. No more trips to the gas station with this all electric (no gas required) vehicle. Ford has really packed this car with technology and we will only discuss a few of them here.

MyKey™ Technology - what this technology does it allows you to assign separate keys for all drivers. Great idea if you have kids. Yes, you can program your key to limit certain feature of the car. For example, you can set what the max speed is allowed or max volume of the radio (yes, less distraction is always better) - thumb's up for this technology Ford.

Ford has also come up with technology that you don't need to insert key in your door to open it or start the car. As long as you have the key anywhere on you (somewhere in your packets mixed in with all the pocket change, or in your purse) Focus Electric will know it. You will be able to open doors and start the key with a simple push of the button.

Another great feature we find is Regenerative Braking. Yes, Ford's on top of this as well. Focus captures energy created while braking and recycles it to recharge the battery, all this just by braking.

Focus Electric also comes with a standard 120-volt cord, which you can use with your standard 120-volt household outlet and charge the batteries in your own garage (full charge in approximately 8 hours). As an optional feature you may have an optional 240-volt charging station installed which will allow you charge more quickly (full charge in approximately 3 to 4 hours).

Unfortunately 1st models will be delivered to California and New York only, Canada will have to wait until spring 2012 to see it's first models arrive.

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