LPG Conversion.

- Tank Installation

After we have decided which type of lpg tank we will be using, we begin our installation. For this demonstration we will be using a cylinder tank.

Here's an image of a finished installation.

lpg tank installed

Here, you can see a multivalve installed, with 1 Faro lpg hose (in) and 1 Faro lpg hose (out), both nicely wrapped in Ribbed Ventilation Hoses.

Every cylinder tank you purchase should come with some kind of mounting frame and straps as attachments. Something like this:

lpg tank mounting strap sample

Your mounting frame should have at least 4 holes for drilling into the floor of your car.

I suggest that you use mounting frame (and frame only) and mark holes for drilling before assembling the unit. Figure out how far back you can install your tank without touching back seats. This should still give you some trunk space left to use.

Once you have your holes marked, proceed to drilling. Careful not to drill through anything else other than body of your trunk floor (electrical wires, brake cables, fuel lines, etc.)

Assemble your tank with frame and straps. Only tighten straps after you have confirmed that multivalve hole is set at 30 degrees. Missing this critical point will either put more or less propane in your tank when filling.

Here's an example of how to figure out 0 degrees, 30 degrees and 90 degree angles on cylindrical tanks.

tank is horizontally set at 0 degrees

Figure 1. Making sure your tank is horizontally set at 0 degrees.

0 degrees cylindrical tank setup

Figure 2. 0 degrees cylindrical tank setup.


30 degrees cylindrical tank setup
Figure 3. 30 degrees cylindrical tank setup.


90 degrees cylindrical tank setup
Figure 4. 90 degrees cylindrical tank setup.


Correct installation of the tank in the vehicle and 80% system checking verification to be performed with a full filling of the tank. The error in the tank axis respect to the horizontal plane must not exceed ± 2°. Errors higher than +/ -2° can compromise the correct functioning of the 80% system. (source: Tomasetto Achille)

This means, upon filling your tank for first time, for example, if your tank holds 100 litres of lpg - multivalve should stop filling process at approximately 80 litres (80 percent). For more details and technical data we advise you to visit manufacturers website or read supplied instructions.


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