LPG Conversion basics.

- Tanks

Let's start off what goes in your trunk. Obviously we will discuss lpg propane tanks and your choices here.

There are many different types of lpg propane tanks you can choose from. All depends on what you think will work for you. Type of car you drive, amount of space available and placement will depend on which tank and size you will decide to choose.

When choosing tank size do not forget that propane tanks can only be filled to 80 percent of it's capacity. (This means that 100 litre tank will hold 80 litres of propane) - The tank will also be your most expansive part of entire propane conversion as they are heavy and shipping will be costly. If you can arrange for a local pick up that would be great. As for pricing, tanks will cost you anywhere from $60 and up to $1000.

Your choices are as follows:

1. Internal Toroidal

propane tank toroidial internal

Internal toroidal lpg tanks will break down to single hole (multivalve required), 4 hole or 5 hole depending on your setup or region. Diameter ranges are from 520mm to 720mm.

Toroidal tanks come in 0 °, 30 ° or 37° degrees.

You will need a goniometer to check the angle of the flangeto check whether it is 0 °, 30 ° or 37°. (see below images on how to check the angle)

lpg toroidal tank 0 degrees
0° Toroidal tank


lpg toroidal tank 30 degrees
30° Toroidal tank

lpg toroidal tank 37 degrees
37° Toroidal tank


Popular brands: STAKO, Irene, Bormech, Polmocon, GZWM, Atiker.


2. External Toroidal

propane tank toroidial external

External lpg propane tanks are similar to internal with few cosmetic differences to allow attaching the tank on the outside of the car. Diameter ranges are:

Popular brands: Polmocon, GZWM, Bormech, Irene, Atiker, Stako.

External tanks are also known as 0 deg. (degree) tanks. It is because multivalve is positioned in zero position.


3. Cylinder Tanks

propane tank cylinder

These are internal lpg tanks, located in your trunk, take out most space.
Popular diameter ranges are:

Popular brands: Stako, GZWM, Bormech, Atiker.

We suggest that when purchasing propane tank you ask supplier to provide you with an appropriate multivalve for your tank. This will depend on type of your tank, height, region, angle and other factors. Let your supplier decide what will work for you. View this page for tank installation.


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