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Make/Model can I insure a car, with a uk driving license? Year Make/Model
Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab Driving the other day, my abs fault warning came on, brakes seem to be working fine and I can't tell if everything is all right. Should I just ignore it? the warning light kinda bugs me. 2006 Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab
Ford Escape How do I remove a broken spark plug, I was changing spark plugs and one of them broke, the whole ceramic casing shattered and the only thing left is the metal part, I can't get the wrench on it anymore. I was thinking of using a metal bar and punch it through, but that would mean I have to remove the head and rethread the hole? Can you rethread it after something like this? 2000 Ford Escape
Toyota Corolla Hi, I moved to BC in 2009 approximately 2 and a half years ago. Right now, I am paying 250$ for my car insurance per month. I live in Abbotsford, BC. Just wondering if this is genuine price or not? My driving record is clear and I have had no accidents and never got any ticket so far. 2006 Toyota Corolla
Ford Escape I have a 2005 Ford Escape and very often (almost always) my suv will shut off when I shift from reverse into drive or from drive into reverse. I can restart the enginge after without any problems. Thank you in advance for help. 2005 Ford Escape
Triumph TR250 Looking for a mechanic who is trained to work on repairing british sports cars (Triumph) - General Question Triumph TR250
- General Question Misfire condition increases vehicle emissions and may damage emission control system error. - General Question - General Question
Dodge Neon How to change the rear brakes on a 1999 neon. 1999 Dodge Neon
- General Question Is it possible to buy car insurance without having a car? - General Question - General Question
Ford Mustang I need to boost my car each time it sits in my driveway for a few days, why? 2007 Ford Mustang
- General Question Can you ground more than 1 thing to the same spot? - General Question - General Question
- General Question Drum brakes or disc brakes, what is the difference? - General Question - General Question
- General Question Why do I smell gas everytime i turn on the heater in my car? - General Question - General Question
- General Question My car shakes when I brake, what could it be? - General Question - General Question
GMC Truck-Sierra 1500 Where is pcv valve located on 1999 GMC Sierra 1999 GMC Truck-Sierra 1500
- General Question Does the rotary engine last longer than the piston engine? - General Question - General Question
Jeep Cherokee What is that burning smell, everytime I start my car? 1996 Jeep Cherokee
Subaru Impreza How to take an air conditioning unit from a car? 1998 Subaru Impreza
Kia Sedona My Kia minivan is idling rough after plugs & wires were changed? 2009 Kia Sedona
Ford Focus What is the pin that goes to i think the slave cylinder from a clutch pedal is called..? 2002 Ford Focus


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