Ontario's new licenses plates

Ontario's new license plates are being review

Ontario's new licence plates are being looked at as a "public safety concern", since many people in the province are not able to read them at night.¬† They are hard to read especially when light is directed on the plates (from a car’s headlights) The plates appear to give off a noticeable glare as its letters and numbers become hard to read.

Car insurance cost breakdown by each province

Car Insurance Cost in Canada - Breakdown by province

So You think you are paying high car insurance premium?

See how your province compares to other provinces.

Electric cars during winter months

Electric cars and Canada's cold climate.

So you're probably wondering, how do electric cars perfrm in Canada's winter cold conditions? How will the range of my electric car be affected by cold chilling temperatures? Can electric cars can handle Canadian winters?

Electric cars charging stations in Canada

Ontario raising sticker cost

Confirmed. Ontario raising vehicle sticker renewal cost AGAIN.

Only 5 years ago, on Sept. 1, 2011 fee to renew registration sticker in Ontario was at $74. As of Sept. 1, 2016 this fee will now be at $120 (Southern Ontario). That's a 64 percent increase in only 5 years.

Driving while high

Driving high same as drunk driving now

Starting Oct. 2, 2016 Ontario drivers caught high on drugs can now temporarily lose their driver's licence right on the spot, same as if they would if they were caught drinking and driving. Starting this weekend if a driver is pulled over and fails a road-side sobriety test due to drugs, they will lose their licence for 3 days on the spot.

QEW HOT lanes

QEW HOT Lanes – all you need to know and where to apply

As of today you can now apply online to receive a permit to use HOT lanes on the QEW stretch (Trafalgar Road in Oakville to Guelph Line in Burlington)..

Nissan Leaf Electric car now available in Canada.

Nissan Leaf

We opened a new section dedicated to electric cars. This week we take a look at Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus Electric (soon to be available in Canada -update, both vehicles are now available in Canada)

Most fuel efficient vehicles of 2013


Each year Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency runs ecoENERGY awards for vehicles which are most fuel-efficient. Electric cars were huge winners this year. 2013 awards went to Smart fortwo electric drive,Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Ford Focus Electric, Nissan LEAF and more.

see full list here

Canada gas tax breakdown per province.

Gas tax breakdown by the province

We all may be complaining about how expensive gas is these days, but this may all vary depending on where you fill up. Out of each litre of gas you're buying, how much of that amount is going to your government. View breakdown on all provinces and how they compare. more...

Car insurance

Car insurance

Read our tips on getting deals on car insurance. See what others have to say about their policies and rates. Before choosing a car insurance company do some research, you'll be surprised with what few phone calls or online forms can do for your pocket. more...

407 ETR - how do we compare to other paid highways and interstates.

Today we take a look at Ontario's toll road 407 ETR, it's pricing comparison vs our friends south of the border famous interstate I-90 and Florida's Turnpike Enterprise. more...

Uber logo

Uber and Insurance in Ontario

If you want to drive for Uber, live in Ontario and wonder if you need any additional car insurance.

Living in Toronto Ontario, I have been insured with my insurance for over 12 years. I have personally signed up to be Uber driver. Application process was fairly simple and quick.

Gas pumps accuracy test

Gas pump Accuracy Test

We collected 3 separate gas samples from 3 random gas stations. All samples were collected on the same day and at the same price. We wanted to see if all samples collected were actually equal. Watch our video and see who gives most for what you pay for.

VIN number check

Check if the vehicle has been stolen

Before you buy - using VIN number check if the car, truck or motorcycle you are buying has been reported as stolen.

Propane and Natural Gas convertion

Propane Corner

With today's gas prices surpassing $1 dollar mark we take a look at other fuel alternatives. Hybrid vehicles are getting more and more popular, but what other alternatives do we have? Read our article on propane and natural gas.

Visit propane filling stations in Canada

Propane Pricing Increase

Visit propane conversion centres in Canada

Gas prices around the world

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Canada gas tax breakdown per province - Each litre of gas you're buying, how much of that amount is going to your government? View breakdown across all provinces.

High gas prices? Think again. - So you think you're paying too much for gas?. Take a look at pricing of gas around the world and see how Canada stacks up against other countries.

With gas prices surpassing $1 dollar mark we take a look at other fuel alternatives. Hybrid vehicles, CNG, Propane and other alternatives. Read our article on propane and natural gas

Diesel engine technology has been around for quite some time now. See list of Diesel vehicles that are currently available to you. / 2020
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